Skilltree.NRW – GameDev Coaching Day provides interactive, hands-on learning in masterclasses by designated professionals in the games industry. The first issue in Prototy version will take place on October 23, 2019 in the School of Games in Cologne.

The Mediennetzwerk.NRW launches the first Coaching Day on 23.10.2019 in prototype status with a total of eight slots focusing on design, arts, technology and business. Personal, professional and business relevant skills can be acquired and expanded here, i.a. Masterclasses on UX Design Thinking, Motion Capturing, Lizenenzrecht, PR & Marketing.

The speakers are: Felix Möbus (Conceptual Designer, Centigrade), Martin Linnartz (Head of Game Arts, School of Games), Martin Beierling-Mutz (AI expert), Renate Schmid (lawyer, Wilde Beuger Solmecke), Wolfgang Walk ( Wolfgang Walk Game Producing), Sarah Schindler (PR expert, Schindler Media), Kai Bodensiek (lawyer and partner, Brehm v. Moers)

Tickets are available here.
Program Overview Skilltree.NRW – The Coaching Day:

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